I is for Irrational and Isolation

Every artist that’s part of the A-Z of Emotions collaboration has the difficult decision of picking just one emotion out of many to represent. For the letter I, we’re lucky enough to have not one BUT TWO artists share their interpretations of TWO different emotions, in TWO different art forms.


The Desolate Places

by Anne Whitehead

I is for Irrational

My personal essay reflects on a time in my life when irrational thinking was my normal. I was inspired to write an honest piece about how irrational thoughts appear inflexible but can actually change over time.
— Anne Whitehead, on inspiration for "The Desolate Places"

I is for Isolation

This photo series represents some of the emotional stages I go through when I feel isolated and distant from my community, which I think is something a lot of 20-somethings have to deal with, especially in post-grad: Fear, Contemplation, Resolve, Self Love.
— Kristiana Gomez, on inspiration for "Isolation: the four stages"

Isolation: the four stages

by Kristiana Gomez