I is for Isolation

Irrational banner.jpg

This photo series represents some of the emotional stages I go through when I feel isolated and distant from my community, which I think is something a lot of 20-somethings have to deal with, especially in post-grad.

1. Fear — discomfort, anxiety, feeling a little bit like my head is going to explode/is taking up too much space.

2. Contemplation — many hours spent thinking about how to break out of isolation/confront the my fears & worries

3. Resolve — I know my worth & that I can make it work, I’ve just got trust myself to get through this and move on

4. Self Love — because the best bouts of isolation end in fully accepting & appreciating who I am and how I got here
— Kristiana Gomez, on inspiration for "Isolation: the four stages"

KRISTIANA GOMEZ was born and raised in Los Angeles & decided at an early age that she wanted to create in all forms. She received a B.A. in Film Production from Emerson College and currently works as production coordinator for The Arc/k Project while freelancing in photography, videography and graphic design.