N is for Nostalgia

Every artist that’s part of the A-Z of Emotions collaboration has the difficult decision of picking just one emotion out of many to represent that letter. For the letter N, we’re lucky enough to have TWO different interpretations of the same emotion, in TWO different art forms.



by Sarah Mania

N is for Nostalgia (writing)

“Archive” is a multi-layered story of how sound weaves itself consistently and repetitively throughout one’s life. My intention is to demonstrate how auditory cues have played a role in affecting how I remember what I consider to be home, regardless of if a memory is good, bad, or neutral.
— Sarah Mania, on inspiration for "Archive"

N is for Nostalgia (music)

I chose to explore nostalgia through piano because music and memory are inseparable. “Tides” uses repetition and variation across time signatures to reflect on how we can re-live parts of our lives over and over.
— Richard Wheelock, on inspiration for "Tides"


by Richard Wheelock