P is for Peace

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by Mandi Hinrichs

When the world gets a bit too heavy,

I slow down and search for peace

Closing my eyes, I am back on a train through Limburg;

Or in the attic where I read, dust particles dancing across the window.

I imagine laughing and posing near sunflowers on a humid August afternoon,

And conversations that only start to end as the sun rises and the day begins.

Sometimes I don’t need to travel that far in my memory...

My serene moments all have one in common:

Intimacy brings me feelings of peace —

Like the way the sun kisses my back

It’s a lover kissing my shoulder and neck

Peace doesn’t mean everything is better;

It means slowing down to inhale and...

Just being.

Peace. It’s something everyone hopes for — whether that means finding inner peace or peace on a large scale. When I started to think of peace on a personal level, I realized it’s always found in quiet, intimate moments that are often taken for granted.
— Mandi Hinrichs, on inspiration for "Peace"

MANDI HINRICHS has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember — scribbling ideas on the back of her paper bag lunches to screenwriting in film school to a career as a copywriter. (Mandi admits that she writes copy for advertising, but poetry for herself.) She finds inspiration in adventure, nostalgia, sunshine, and authentic human stories.