Q is for Quiet

Quiet banner.jpg

Quiet #1: “In Half” by Cat Kocses

Quiet #2: “Shut up” by Cat Kocses

I work in digital and analog collage, using found photos and textures to create new images. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, the word quiet stuck out to me because sometimes it takes a concerted effort to achieve that feeling or headspace.
— Cat Kocses, on inspiration for "Quiet: a collage series"

CAT KOCSES went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia and majored in Illustration, where she promptly frustrated all the professors with her inability to draw. After bringing in a collage piece as an extra credit assignment, they finally discovered the method to her madness and were able to help her style develop. In the majority of her pieces, she explores sex, femininity, and anxiety/depression. Her artwork can be found on Instagram @catkart, and on Society6.