T is for Thankful



by Kevin L. Wright

Taking time to understand what I can and cannot control.  My ideas, dreams, and goals are always with me, and yet I’m afraid they’ll only remain thoughts.  My passion is stretched in a thousand directions, and all of them lead down a path I don’t know how to navigate.  I wish things like this were easier to figure out.

Humbly accepting what it means to fail, but also what it means to learn and overcome adversity.  Carefully receiving each experience as a gift or a lesson, if not both. Having the patience to accept I am not where I want to be is a privilege.  Moving forward is the only direction I can go.

Accepting when it is my time to lead, and my time to follow.  Accepting my struggles and obstacles will define who I am. Accepting my resilience is mandatory instead of optional.  Accepting the power to practice self-love and self-care.

Naturally negating the negativity around me.  Never holding my head down, but keeping it up no matter what.  Numb to the pain of those who seek to silence, dehumanize, and oppress me.  Nobility leads to a healthy conscious.

Knowing knowledge guides my passion, my life, and my purpose.  Wondering whether my contributions and accomplishments will outlive me.  Wandering through my imposter syndrome hoping I am enough.

Filled with the intention of wanting to develop equitable and inclusive communities.  Flustered by the fake acts that display an allusion of inclusion. Fighting to dismantle systems not designed to advance me.  Full of optimism, yet complemented by cynicism.

Understanding sacrifice and loss comes with the territory of achieving one’s goals.  Unknown of what life has in store for me, but content with the endless possibilities.  Unmoved by the pressures of society; my life is only informed by my choices.

Loving others to show it is possible to be loved.  Leading others to show it is possible to trust. Leveling the playing field one day at a time.  Thankful for the strength I have to make my dreams a reality.

KEVIN L. WRIGHT currently serves as the inaugural Black/African American Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Diversity and Social Justice at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kevin is responsible for educating and celebrating various aspects within the African Diaspora, creating programs and initiatives to build community among students within the African Diaspora, and creating and maintaining equitable and inclusive spaces designed to benefit students with an intersectional lens. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Professional Leadership, Inquiry, and Transformation from Concordia University - Portland.