Z is for Zindaa

Zindaa (Urdu, Verb): alive, living, vivacious

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Zinduu #1 by Sydney Spencer

Zinduu #2 by Sydney Spencer

Zinduu #3 by Sydney Spencer

During my travel in Lahore, Pakistan I found the people and colors of the city to be more to boast life. The people live each moment to its fullest and are happy to share their celebrations of life and new beginnings.
— Sydney Spencer, on inspiration for "Zindaa: a photo series"

A graduate of Howard Payne University, SYDNEY SPENCER graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Global Studies, and Social Work in 2017. She will graduate with her MBA with an emphasis in International Marketing  in May 2019. Following that, she hopes to serve in the Peace Corp and have the opportunity share US culture with others, while immersing herself in foreign language and striving understand people’s and a new culture that differs from her own.