AutonomoUs celebrates the resilience of humanity through the unique space we’ve created with our annual magazine and annual anthology. Every issue is a collaboration between artists of all kinds, and focuses on a different aspect of what makes us human.

Our vision is to invoke compassion within society through storytelling and art. We want to help promote and nurture an understanding of humanity and life as something that is flawed—but also beautiful. And in the end, we hope that a willingness to listen and the skill to empathize will be considered as valuable as we at AutonomoUs already believe they are.

AutonoMY is our heart and soul. An ongoing collection of personal stories, a new story will be shared every Monday of 2019. The series’ topic ranges just as human experiences do—from abuse, assault, gender/race/spiritual identity and oppression, eating disorders, unhealthy/healthy relationships, addiction, loss/grief, mental/physical illness, and everything and anything in between—and we hope with these stories we can start conversations, connect people with each other, and let others know they're not alone.