She is a writer, designer, and ideas kind of gal. The founder of AutonomUs, this project is her baby.

A true passion project, read about its birth in her short history "Humble Beginnings".

For more about Cindy, check out her personal website here.


She is a dog-lady, a wonderful friend, social media savvy, and a lover of nonprofits. 

Oh, and donuts and good coffee are the way to her heart.


She is a foodie, detail-oriented, and a kindhearted spirit with a passion for social work and people. 

To win her over, show her your dope calligraphy skills, buy her pretty stationary, or ask her about her bullet journal.

She is a dessert fiend with a personality and heart just as sweet as her food-oriented instagram @eastmeetswesteats

When she isn't walking dogs or discovering the next big thing, she enjoys long walks on the beach where the breeze helps her show off her amazing outfit of the day!