Every Issue is Different

Every issue of AutonomoUs is different because every collaboration, every theme has a different magic to it—and we want to respect that. So don't expect every topic or issue to look exactly the same. Publishing both in print and online, our goal is to publish projects annually and anthologize our ongoing series annually. 

We accept art forms of any and all kinds.

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AutonoMY is our heart and soul. An ongoing collection of personal stories, a new story will be shared every Monday of 2019. The series’ topic ranges just as human experiences do—from abuse, assault, gender/race/spiritual identity and oppression, eating disorders, unhealthy/healthy relationships, addiction, loss/grief, mental/physical illness, and everything and anything in between—and we hope with these stories we can start conversations, connect people with each other, and let others know they're not alone.

Interested in sharing your story, and being a part of this project? Email us at hello@autonomo-us.com.

A-Z of Emotions (submissions closed)

A-Z OF EMOTIONS is a series that highlights the true complexities behind human emotions. We use the same words over and over again to describe how we feel, however, what we feel often has more depth than “sad” or “happy” can convey. This series is a curated collaboration between 26 artists, each randomly assigned a letter of the alphabet and given a list of emotions that begins with that letter. After choosing an emotion from the list that inspires them, they are then challenged to create a piece with their own interpretations.

Submissions are now closed. But mark your calendars! Our inaugural issue will be released the first day of Spring, March 20, 2019!